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Bincee is all about kids safety during their journeys to and from school. Bincee provides real-time tracking of students during bus commute. For safety and security conscious parents and schools, our app is the answer that provides comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.


Features for Parents

Bus Arrival Notifications

Parents will receive advance intimations on their app to be ready for their child pick up, ensuring hassle free coordination. No need for the bus to wait longer delaying the pick up of all following students and similarly no need for parents to be at bus pick up zone earlier than needed/or missing the bus

Easy Off Day Marking

Parents can simply click to mark students’ day off to avoid unnecessary reminder calls on off day, also streamlined trip planning by bus drivers when they know which child will not be taking the bus any specific day or shift

Child Pick Up from School

Now parents will be able to see if their child has been seated in the bus right away

Real Time Tracking

Bus will be real time tracked via bus driver's app and they will not be allowed to turn off their location tracking. Upon turning of location, an intimation will be sent

Exceptional Notifications

All sort of incidents which cause any delay in the transport of the child to and from school such as traffic delays and bus going off-route will be sent to parents as well

Features for School

Bincee Portal

Profiles of drivers and students which helps school transport managers to communicate better. Further, it provides school with import features which makes the data entry prcess smooth and simple


Fleet Tracking

Real time tracking of busses and status updates of student, alerts on traffic jams and emergency situations. Through fleet tracking system schools will not be needing any traditional hardware such as GPS tracking


Features for Drivers

Bincee is a solution that work as a blessing for Drivers as Parents will be well informed about the bus delays through real time alerts and can adjust their routies accordingly

Bincee helps drives to:
  • Optimize routes automatically through Smart Routing on daily traffic controls.
  • Route sugestion in case of unusual traffic situations.
  • Know each stoppages with the list of students at each stop.
  • Notify parents and students in advance of bus arival, so no useless delays and waits for bus drivers as well.
  • Notify parents and schools in case of Emergency alerts.